Xiaomi confirms that there new Mi 9, which will be unveiled on 20 February, 19 will be powered by Snapdragon 855 chipset, which is going to be a rival of Samsung Galaxy S10.

“Xiaomi established there first R&D Center in the US and collaborated with Qualcomm for a new era of technology, starting with the launch of Mi 9” – says Xiaomi’s SVP Xiang Wang.

The Xiaomi’s Mi 9 will feature triple camera’s powered by a Snapdragon 855 chipset, which is the highlight of the device. The Snapdragon 855 promises to have a 45% increase in performance over their Snapdragon 845, with a 20% boost in terms of GPU. Most importantly their 4th Gen on-device AI will give you better speed & security. Moreover, the chip will other improvements too, like, Bluetooth v5, Wi-Fi 6 support, DR10+ video (4K at 60fps).

mi 9

mi 9

Mi 9

According to the AnTuTu score shared by Xiaomi, the Mi 9 will be incredibly faster than its predecessor. The phone also has a decent look and will turn out to be a good shooter, thanks to the 48 MP camera.

More about Snapdragon 855: Read More


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