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Xiaomi Mi Band 4 will be launching this year


Xiaomi got a huge success with the previous generation Mi Band’s-Mi Band 2 and Mi Band 3. The Mi Band 3 was launched last year and was a huge improvement over the Mi Band 2. With these products Xiaomi attained No. 1 position in wearables category in India. Now it’s time for the successor of Mi Band 3.

Xiaomi in their quarterly earning call announced that their Mi Band lineup has been very successful and the Mi Band lineup will be refreshed in 2019. 

Mi Band previous generations
Mi Band 3 (left) and Mi Band 2 (right)

Huami is the exclusive wearable tech provider for Xiaomi, both Xiaomi and Huami work together to create affordable consumer wearable products, when asked the Chief Financial Officer of Huami, Mr. David Cui, “Whether Mi Band 3 successor will launch in March or April of 2019?” Then he said:


” For Mi Band 4, it’s going to be in this year. It will be in 2019. But I’m not sure, if it’s going to be in March or April. But, it is going to be in this year. Each generation we learn something, we always do better. And for Mi Band 3, you can take a look at 2018’s volume, right. So it’s really much better as compared to previous version. So we expect Mi Band 4 will have similar trend. So once we launch Mi Band 4, we expect that product will sell well. Right now, Mi Band 3 is still on hot sale and is still selling really, really well. The margin is not shrinking, the shipments are not shrinking. So we will work with Xiaomi to pick the right time to launch Mi Band 4 in the year.”

The Mi Band 3 will not be discontinued and price cut is expected once it’s successor Mi Band 4 is launched.


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