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Xiaomi announces Mi CC9 Smartphone Series


Global technology leader Xiaomi has announced three new smartphones – Mi CC9, Mi CC9e, and Mi CC9 Meitu Edition – under its new Mi CC series. Designed to deliver the exceptional photography experience younger generations crave, Mi CC9 series’s flagship camera configuration features a 32MP front camera and 48MP rear camera. Devices are equipped with the latest generation in-screen fingerprint sensor and a large 4030mAh battery and can be purchased from RS 13000.

Mi CC9: Flagship design with contemporary features

Mi CC9 comes in three trendy colors, White Lover, Blue Planet and Dark Prince –– all of which produce a 3D effect. White Lover resembles light glistening on the surface of snow, refracting holographic colors in various angles. Blue Planet has a unique “CC” pattern, which is enabled by an even more complex nano-technology manufacturing process, causing the phone’s surface to resemble moonlight shimmering on the ocean.

The new series adopts a vertical logo and has a multi-color LED light on its back cover. In addition to acting as a notification LED, the hue light also supports unique light effects for games and can also pulse along to your favorite music.


mi cc9

The devices are equipped with the latest in-screen fingerprint sensor technologies — with faster unlock speed and a higher success recognition rate — as well as low-blue-light eye protection certification by Germany’s VDE Testing and Certification Institute. Mi CC9 also includes hardware DC tuning which ensures color retention while eliminating flickering under low light environment.

Industry-leading 32MP selfies, introducing brand new Mimoji feature

Mi CC9’s front camera uses a Samsung 32MP flagship sensor and merges four pixels to form large 1.6μm pixels and ultimately capture more details in low-light conditions. Meanwhile, AI beautify mode optimizations were applied to retain users’ facial features and avoid over-editing.

The device’s front camera supports palm shutter, as well as panorama selfies by merging three selfie photos in one to fit even more people in a group photo. Xiaomi also introduced a brand new Mimoji feature, that lets you use the front camera to produce cute cartoon photos and animations up to 15s.

Sony 48MP ultra-wide triple camera, all-new AI Skyscraping

At the back, Mi CC9 sports a triple camera setup with 48MP flagship main lens and a large 1/2” sensor for super clear 48MP ultra-high resolution day shots and uses 1.6μm 4-in-1 Super Pixel to capture more light for bright night shots.

Mi CC9 intelligently detects when architectural or group shots are taken and recommends if users should switch to ultra wide-angle mode for a more optimal image. With built-in AI distortion correction enabled, the device also corrects image distortion automatically.
Users can leverage the all-new AI Skyscaping feature, which accurately detects the sky within the photo and can transform an overcast day to a bright sunny day or even a breathtaking sunset. This innovation was made possible by Mi AI Lab which used deep learning to analyze over 100,000 images of skies.

Dual turbo technologies, 4030mAh high-capacity battery

Powered by Snapdragon 710 mobile platform, Mi CC9 offers fast speed, excellent performance, and long battery life. Mi Turbo optimizes system performance, enabling the system to run smoothly even after prolonged usage and increases app launch time by 20%. Gaming enthusiasts will also be eager to deploy Game Turbo 2.0 which offers color enhancement by increasing contrast when playing in dark environments.

Despite its slim form factor, Mi CC9 packs a high capacity 4030mAh battery combined with power-saving features to accommodate up to two days of regular usage. The device is even equipped with multi-functional NFC, Hi-Res audio, 3.5mm headphone jack, and an IR blaster.

mi cc9

Mi CC9e: A compact Mi CC 9 with Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 debut

Mi CC9e takes on a smaller form compared to the Mi 9 CC, with a 6.088-inch screen and a high-capacity 4030mAh battery. Given its compact size, the weight and thickness are reduced to 173.8g and 8.475mm respectively, making it ideal for single-hand operation.

Mi CC9e still packs flagship-level specifications, including the ultra-clear 32-megapixel selfie camera, 48-megapixel rear triple camera, an updated in-screen fingerprint sensor, cutting-edge front audio system, and a 3.5mm jack.

Mi CC9e also debuts Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 665 mobile platform. It boasts great power efficiency with the 11nm LPP process technology and Vulkan 1.1 API and improves AI performance significantly.

Mi CC9 Meitu Edition: Made for selfie lovers

Mi CC9 Meitu Edition takes on a one-of-a-kind gradient color, reminiscent of the famous beaches of the Bahamas. Made with selfie lovers in mind, the smartphone features a highly-customized UI theme and ringtone that vibes with its holographic back cover.

Meitu Edition comes with the same hardware configurations – a front 32-megapixel selfie camera and a 48-megapixel triple camera setup. The main difference is the Meitu camera optimization, which capitalizes on all Meitu camera features and video editing capabilities to achieve a resulting image that is natural yet boasts great detail.

The highlight of Mi CC9 Meitu Edition is its unique AI low-light portrait feature that allows users to take beautiful, high-quality portraits in almost zero ambient light. This feature uses Meitu’s unique AI beautify technology and Meitu’s single frame depth acquisition technology to accommodate a wide variety of scenes. Even under extreme low-light conditions where it is difficult to see, the device can still extract facial features and produce a brilliantly detailed selfie thanks to depth acquisition technology.

Mi CC9 Meitu Edition also comes with a superior AI Beautify feature that supports zero-level microdermabrasion for a more natural looking photo. It also solves common problems faced while taking photos, such as accidental eye blinks or shots taken when eyes are closed.

Mi CC9e 4GB+64GB, 6GB+64GB, 6GB+128GB variants will be available for RS 13000, RS 14000, and RS 16000 respectively

Mi CC9 6GB+64GB variant retails at RS 18000, and 6GB+128GB variant for RS 20000.

Mi CC9 Meitu Edition 8GB+256GB retails at RS 26000.


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