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World’s first 5G phone: Samsung Galaxy S10 5G launched


Samsung’s 2019 flagship S10 series will be getting a new variant alongside with S10e, S10, and S10+. Samsung on Thursday said that it will be releasing the 5G model of S10 named Galaxy S10 5G on April 5 in South Korea, there will be no pre-ordering programme for this phone. This will make the Galaxy S10 5G the world’s first mobile device to have next-generation network capabilities (5G).

However there is no clarification for the price of Samsung Galaxy S10 from Samsung, but it is expected to cost $ 1,332 (around Rs. 91,500) in South Korea.

Samsung Glasxy s10 lineup
Samsung Galaxy S10 lineup

This phone has passed the signal verification test in South Korea. Three telecom providers are gearing up to launch 5G service in South Korea for the phone like Samsung Galaxy S10 5G.


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