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What are Binaural Beats? How it can Improve Your Life?



You might have wondered that you aren’t focused and motivated that much. And you are not doing things as you planned. So, in that case, you might wonder for tools which can help you get back your attention. Programmers really face such situations. Programming is really a stressful and frustrating job especially when you aren’t getting your desired results. In that case, Binaural beats can help you to release the stress, anxiety, frustration and make you peaceful, focused, relaxed and energized. It can help you to change the state of mind and increases your productivity.

Not only programmers, binaural beats can help everyone. Nowadays with our busy schedules and daily rushes, we often feel stressful, less sleepy, anxious and drained out. Binaural beats can really help you release these negatives and help you to get to a pleasant state of mind.



What is Binaural beat?

A binaural beat is an auditory illusion created in the brain when two different frequencies are presented to it at the same time, one through each ear. Both the presented frequencies are generally lower than 1500 Hz, with a difference of less than 40 Hz between them. And they are always presented dichotically(one on each ear) to the listener.

For instance, when you put on headphones and play two different frequencies to both ears say, 156Hz on the right and 150 to the left then, the brain would perceive a third frequency of 6Hz along with those two frequencies. This third frequency is called as Binaural beat.

It was discovered by a Prussian physicist named Heinrich Wilhelm Dove in 1837. He found that when two tones of different frequencies are presented to the ears, one on each then, a Binaural beat is perceived which induces different states of the mind.


How Binaural Beats Works?


How Binural Beats Work


Here the word binaural signifies “having or identifying with two ears”. It represents the procedure, which works by sending unique frequencies of sound at the same time to each ear through headphones. The brainwave entrainment occurs inside the brain due to the psychological response, which occurs on hearing two tones of different frequencies. The brain perceives a third sound based on the arithmetic difference between the two frequencies. The mind then flows along the newly perceived frequency.

Brainwaves are some electrical activity patterns caused by the neurons of the brain while communicating with each other. Brainwaves can give a sign of the psychological condition of a person.

Brainwave entrainment (or synchronization), expects to make our brainwave frequencies to fall into step with a periodic stimulus having a frequency corresponding to the proposed brain-state. This can be used to induce relaxation, sleep, motivation, focus & more.

Keep in mind, the brain will respond in an intended way only if it receives the sound frequencies at the same time through headphones. You can test the binaural sound below.

Brainwaves are divided into four main categories:

i) Delta waves(0.1 – 4 Hz)
ii) Theta waves(4 – 8 Hz)
iii) Alpha waves(8 – 14 Hz)
iv) Beta waves(14 – 30 Hz)
v) Gamma Waves(30hz-100Hz)



The Binaural Beats Brainwave States and Benefits




1. Delta Brainwave (0.1 – 4 Hz):

It is an incredibly important brainwave for your health. Your body needs this state to regenerate and recover. Every day, you’ll have to accomplish this state when you rest during the evening to ensure your body can heal itself. Delta waves have more benefits which include, deep sleep, pain relief, Anti-aging(Cortisol reduction/DHEA increase), access to the subconscious mind.

2. Theta Brainwave (4 – 8 Hz)

This state related to a condition of lethargy and decreased awareness of the outside world and more aware of the internal world. Theta waves benefits includes Rem sleep, Deep relaxation(inner peace), Meditation, Creativity, Hypnopompic & hypnagogic states.

3. Alpha Brainwave (8 – 14 Hz)

This is a state when we are in a condition of physical and mental relaxation. This is a wonderful state to achieve while meditating or doing something that requires coordination, focus. Alpha waves benefits include Stress reduction, Positive thinking, Accelerated Learning, & more.

4. Beta Brainwave (14 – 30 Hz)

This is a state when you are intentionally alert, or when we feel upset or tense. They make you feel productive and focused. This is good for short-term problem solving or engaging in exciting activities. Beta waves benefits include, focussed attention, problem-solving, Stimulates energy, action & attention, High-level cognition. etc.

5. Gamma Brainwave (38hz-42Hz)

This states is achieved during High-level Information processing, Peak awarness. Gamma brainwaves don’t really relate to the feeling active and alert. Rather, what’s been found is that in Gamma, neurons fires so harmoniously, which makes people feel of having a spiritual experience. Gamma brainwaves benefits include peak awarness, high-level processing, memory recall, cognitive enhancement.etc.


Check this binaural beat.


Binaural Beats for sleep


binural beats for sleep


Usage of binural beats for sleep is very popular. Listening to Binural beats can give you a better and deeper sleep. Studies have shown that using binural beats before sleeping improves sleep quality and a better state after waking up. Delta Binural beats are generally used for this purpose. They are really helpful for dropping into a profound, thoughtful, and healing state.


Binaural Beats for Relaxation


binural beats for relaxation


In our busy life its obvious that we get stressed out and we often need things who can help us get relief from the stress and make us feel relaxed. Binaural Beats can help you in this case. Researchers found that listening to Theta binural beats increases parasympathetic(rest and relaxation) activity and decreases sympathetic(fight or flight) activity. It keeps the brain in the more relaxed state making you stress-free.

Binaural Beats For Focus


binural beats for focus


Besides sleep and relaxation, binural beats can also be used for improving focus and productivity. Studies have shown that gamma binural beats increase cognitive flexibility. Gamma binural beats stimulate gamma brainwave frequencies which helps you to achieve hyper-focus, motivation, and energy.

Tips for Better Results:

1. Always use headphones to listen to binaural beats. You need to provide both the ears with different frequencies.
2. Always listen to binural beats in stereo mode. Mono mode won’t produce the desired results.
3. Give yourself time. Binural beats may not work for you right away. Your brain doesn’t know about it. Make it a habit soon you will see the results.



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