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Spotify Lite App now in India


Spotify just brought a less than 10 MB size ‘Spotify Lite’ App to India. Spotify is targeting Low-end Android phones which don’t have enough resources to run its main App. Spotify says, it uses less storage, which makes it ideal for limited storage phones.

The Spotify Lite App comes after the main Spotify App which was launched in February in India.

spotify lite

spotify lite india

Amarjit Batra, Managing Director India, Spotify said:

“When Spotify launched in India two months ago, we had committed to localizing the app so that more and more people can listen to music… Spotify Lite Beta is a step in that direction as it enables users to play millions of songs for free, takes up less space on phones, and saves data when used on the go. Our ambition is to be available on all platforms that make sense to our users, and make the music streaming experience as seamless as possible.”

The Spotify Lite Beta App is now listed on Google Play Store. Spotify Lite Beta App provides look and feel like its main App, also it has all the basic functions which the main app has. One feature on which the Spotify Beta Lite misses on is the multi-device option which is there in the main Spotify App. Spotify Lite lets you play your favorite songs and artists on demand, discovers new music, keeps track of storage. Spotify claims that the Lite App will also work on basic internet connection and will also have an option to control data usage.  

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