Redmi Note 7 sent to Space, returns with no major damage


Redmi has already proved the durability of their Redmi Note 7 with several tests including cutting fruits like a ninja on the screen and being stomped by people. To add into it, Redmi actually sent a Redmi Note 7 unit to space, surprisingly the phone was able to take pictures at 31,000 m altitude, before dropping to the ground without any major damage.

Xiaomi did this for the first time, that sending a mobile device to our Earth’s stratosphere with a weather balloon. Hopefully, the device was able to take some images of our Earth’s curvature, posted on the manufacturer’s official Twitter account. Even though the images aren’t that special, but the fact that the device withstood -58 degrees Celsius with an internal temperature of 4 degrees Celsius is just exceptional.

Eventually, the device came back to Earth surface after the weather balloon has popped at 35,375 m altitude and 1 kPa atmospheric pressure, dropping the device at the middle of a field.

Keep a note that, the device eventually got turned off after taking some images. And later on, a researcher turned on the device and it got turned on as usual. Performing such a test on a mobile device and getting such results is truly a milestone. And, it just left me astonishing.

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