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Online “Cockroach Challenge” Driving Youngsters Crazy


Cockroach Challenge!!!

Yup, it may sound a little messy/disgusting to some people, but a new online challenge name “Cockroach Challenge” which involves taking a selfie with cockroaches on your face is getting viral over the Internet.

A youngster name Alex Aung from Myanmar reportedly started the challenge “Cockroach Challenge” on Facebook. The teenager posted a picture with a cockroach on his face on  20th April 2019 and asked others if they could also do the same.

Cockroach challenge
Alex Aung from Myanmar started the challenge “Cockroach Challenge”

Following  Alex Aung’s post, many youngsters accepted the challenge and started posting their own pictures with cockroaches, with some even putting the Cockroach inside their mouth.


Started on Facebook, the challenge is now being displayed by many Twitter users as well.

Many youngsters from Myanmar, the Philippines, and Indonesia seem to be taking a lot of interest in participating in the challenge.

Cockroach challenge

Cockroach challenge

While it is difficult to guess how long the “Cockroach challenge” will last, it is certain that unusual challenges often get an enthusiastic response on social media platforms.



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