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iOS 13 leaks: New Features & Release date


Apple won’t be talking about iOS 13, its next major software update for iPhone and iPad until WWDC 2019 which is to be held from June 3 – 7. But we already have many things about the iOS 13 leaks and rumors and now we have a list of what to expect from iOS 13. The iOS 13 beta release date is less than 2 months from today, and we are already watching new iOS 13 leaks coming about Apple’s big iPhone and iPad update.

The most awaited feature of iOS 13 is Dark Mode. There will be other improvements as well, such as app tabs for the iPad, and a brand new easier-to-access undo gesture, a brand new volume slider UI and along with the ability to request the desktop version of a website in Safari rather than a mobile page, are all said to be getting improvements. Also, the new fresh home screen layout is expected with system-wide dark mode.

Apple iPad with iOS 12 Multitasking
Apple iPad with iOS 12 Multitasking

iOS 12 was focused on stability rather than design and UI changes. iOS 13 is expected to have all the missing things which iOS 12 missed and we’re expecting lots of features that make navigation and UI easier.


iOS 13 leaks are still in top, but we have heard a few hints – we have also listed our own iOS 13 leaks, new features predictions. These are new ideas that Apple could include in future software updates, and really should. Most of them are long overdue.

Here’s everything you need to know about Apple’s iOS 13 leaks:

1. iOS 13 release date:

  • WWDC 2019 keynote will take place in San Jose, California on 3rd June 2019 (Monday).
  • iOS 13 Developer Beta meant for paid Apple Developers will be available from Early June.
  • iOS 13 public beta will launch for adventurous testers on Late June.
  • iOS 13 would launch with new upcoming 2019 iPhones in September 2019.

Details of iOS 13 launch:

  • iOS 13 Developer Beta: The first iOS 13 Beta will be available a few days after WWDC, but it will be only for paid Apple developers.
  • iOS 13 Public Beta: This is Apple’s way of testing features on a larger scale, and that may happen toward the end of June. It’s typically a more refined version of the iOS 13 Developer Beta, although it can still be rough and never includes all of the features implemented in the final version of the software.
  • The official iOS 13 release date: We’ll get the new iOS 13 software in its final, stable form at the iPhone launch event, what we’re calling the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Max and iPhone 11 XR at the moment. Predicted date “mid-September”.

2. iOS 13 compatibilities:

Last year Apple surprised everyone when it told that iOS 12 will be coming to iPhone 5s, iPhone 5s was the first iPhone to have a 64-bit architecture CPU.

However, iOS 13 might revert to shedding the oldest devices from Apple’s compatibility list love it used to do before 2018 which means iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPad Air 2, iPad mini 3, and iPod Touch 6th generation might be the oldest devices on the iOS 13 compatibility list.

Apple iPhone lineup, expected to get iOS 13
Apple iPhone lineup, expected to get iOS 13

Apple would basically need devices to own the A8 chipset or newer to upgrade to iOS 13. This additionally happens to be the chip the HomePod and Apple TV 4th generation, thus it brings everything into line. In reality, it’s in Apple’s best interest that you just upgrade your hardware, too. We saw what happened once the corporate price-dropped its battery replacement service in 2018.

Don’t expect it to go too far with the iOS 13 compatibility list cuts. There is a rumor that iOS 13 also will cut support for the iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, iPad Air 2, and even the iPhone SE. However, you should not believe in this iOS 13 leak.

Also, there is a rumor that not every iOS 13 feature will come to all the phones, some features will require specific hardware and will be limited to that iPhones only which have support for it.

3. Changes on the iPad might include:

Every two years, the iPad gets a major software upgrade. We saw this with iOS 11 nearly two years ago and iOS 9 two years before that.

That means the iOS 13 update will focus on iPad software more than that of iPhone, and it’s going to be in an attempt to create the iPad a far better ‘computer’. last years iOS 12 was good on iPhone’s but it feels limiting on an iPad. We’d like to see a ‘Desktop Mode’ to enhance our advancement, with a menu and taskbar across the top and bottom. Going together with this we would like to see Bluetooth mouse support. iOS 13 would, of course, need to include support for a cursor.

Apple iPad expected to get mouse support with iOS 13
Apple iPad expected to get mouse support with iOS 13

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 added all of these features in 2018, but with terrible touchscreen execution.

Interestingly, the latest home screen rumor mentions that it’s an iPad-specific change. Apple could be building its new home screen UI for the iPad before it changes anything on the iPhone.

Expanding on the Apple Files app and supporting external storage would also make the iPad Pro a much better productivity-friendly device, as would the long-rumored multi-user support.

4. Home screen redesign:

iOS 13 could bring the first-ever major changes to the iOS home screen. We have this app tile layout since the first iPhone launched in 2007. Now everyone wants a refreshed home screen as it feels boring nowadays. A leak is suggesting that widgets will make its way to the home screen and will be a mixture of app icons and widgets.

Apple iPad expected to get new home screen with iOS 13
Apple iPad expected to get a new home screen with iOS 13

However, the latest iOS 13 rumors recommend that this is often an iPad-specific modification. We’ll have to be compelled to wait to check if the iPhone will get in on the home screen UI changes, too.

5. iOS 13 Dark Mode:

iOS 13 may come through with the long-rumored ‘Dark Mode.’ We’ve been hearing about it for a number of years.

iOS 13 Dark Mode
iOS 13 Dark Mode

Apple introduced Dark Mode for macOS Mojave at WWDC last year, so it’s the news that iOS 13 is going to do the same for the iPhone and iPad in 2019. And a few more features like an ‘undo’ gesture and a volume bar redesign.

iOS 13 Dark Mode
iOS 13 Dark Mode

If the rumor is accurate, this will make it easier to look at apps at night time. There is a lot of white and bright hues among current app color schemes, so removing them down would be a great way to compliment the blue-light-reducing Night Shift mode.

6. Camera App Redesign:

Apple’s camera app is very basic. It has been a blessing and a curse. It is simple for fewer iPhone owners to use, however a lot of advanced users are missing out on features that might allow them to fine-tune their photos and videos.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 has the power to snap a photograph with gestures, whereas the LG V40’s video tools enable you to fluidly zoom in anywhere on the screen, not just the dead center. The Google Pixel 3 has added a Night Sight mode that aims to finish the necessity for a frequently-photo-ruining flash. Similar features like Pixel 3 and Galaxy S9 are expected for iPhone’s.

7. WiFi and Bluetooth via Control Center:

Connecting to new WiFi networks or Bluetooth devices without exiting the app is impossible. Control Center allows you to toggle WiFi and Bluetooth on and off via control center, but switching between connections requires you to go into the Settings. iOS 13 would change this with an overlay menu that lets you pick your connections without exiting the current app you are using. It would be a shortcut within the Control Center like Android.

8. Health and Activity apps on the iPad:

Your health and fitness data deserves to be seen at 9.7 inches and 12.9 inches, and that’s what we’re hoping from the iOS 13 update.

Both the Apple Health app and Activity app present a lot of data to come over, and seeing bars, graphs, running maps, and various numbers stretched out on the big screen would be ideal. Right now, both apps are limited to the Apple Watch and the iPhone.

We think Apple will do this eventually. Doctors could review health data with patients more easily, for example, and senior citizens have complained that their iPhone is too small to read all of the health data. We’d also like to see both apps on macOS, but one tracked step at a time.

9. SPAM call blocking:

iOS 13 needs better SPAM call blocking. It is one of the best features of  Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL. Last year, iOS 12 update did at least add a call blocking and identification option. But users have to invest in an app to get good SPAM call blocking protection. Apple has recently issued a patent for this feature.

10. Clipboard manager:

Clipboard manager apps do exist, allowing for multi-copy and paste history, but these are all limited because they are not built into the UI. Apple could change this in iOS 13, and it’s another way in which productivity on the iPad could be enhanced. Having a full clipboard manager will also help to prevent copying over what’s in our clipboard currently.

iPhone X
iPhone X

More iOS 13 beta news to come

Many days are there even for iOS 13 beta form. As we are getting closer to Apple’s WWDC 2019 keynote in June, we expect more leaks to come about what the company is working on. We’ll have to wait for the final version of UI, likely in September with an iPhone 11 launch event. However, the official iOS 13 features will give you an idea of the future of the iPhone and iPad software.


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