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Google to officially shutdown Inbox by Gmail on April 2


Soon after the announcement of the termination of Google+ due to some security issue which affected about 52.5 million users, Google recently announced that they also shut down the “Inbox by Gmail” app along with Google+ the following month. Though Google hasn’t released the exact date of termination, it is expected that the termination may occur by 2 April.

Google First released the app in 2014 with a lot of useful features which is loved by millions of people, especially people who deal with email on a regular basis love the app very much.



Over a few days, Google is notifying “Inbox by Gmail” users that their lovable app will not be available after a few days and asking users to switch over to the regular Gmail app. They have already removed the app from Play Store and display the Gmail app instead for download. Recently, some of the Inbox by Gmail app features have been pushing by google to the Gmail app as updates, which will make people comfortable to switch to the Gmail app.


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