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How to watch Live TV for free on both PC & TV?


Have you ever wondered you can watch Live TV for free, probably no right? Well, today I am gonna show you how you can watch TV without even paying a single penny. To your surprise, you can even watch HD channels along with SD Channels. Today I am gonna share with you a website, which provides 400+ channels for you to watch among most DTH operators. For instance, you can watch channels form JioTV, TataSky, Airtel TV and more. So, let us have a look at how we can watch TV for free.

Follow these steps to setup up your free TV:

1. Go to the website http://jiotvweb.live/
[Note: Now you would see different channels being listed. You may try playing your favorite channel there. If it gives an error then go to next step.]

2. Then install their Chrome extension. Alternatively, –> Click here
[Note: Extension Only available for Chrome.]


3. Once You have installed the extension. Simply visit the link http://jiotvweb.live/. You will see a list of channels there.

Now select any channel and watch live TV for free.


How to watch it free on TV?

Well Simple, Just connect your Laptop to your TV with HDMI Cable.

And Booyah! Now you can watch TV for free without paying a single penny on your TV.

Why to watch TV this way?

  •  You got HD+SD Channels.
  • You got Channels for Different Operators like Tata Sky, Airtel TV, Jio TV, etc.
  • You got channels from Entertainment, Movies, Sports, Education, & more..
  • You got Channels like Tata Sky Fitness, Tata Sky acting adda, etc for free.
  • You got all these features for free. What you want more?

Now enjoy your TV shows for free. Don’t forget to tell us if it working for you. In case you are facing any issue comment us below. We would try to look into it.

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