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Gmail for Android gets new compose button


Gmail for Android rolled out a new tweaked compose button which is far different from the style introduced last year.


The floating action button (FAB) in the bottom-right corner of the inbox screen is no longer a circle. Instead, it’s an oblong-shaped with a new pen icon instead of the multi-colored plus sign. The button will automatically transit into the pencil icon while scrolling. It is not a very big change and other Google apps such as Google Drive still have the ‘+’ icon for composing.

Gmail for android



Gmail for android

This new compose button in Gmail  (2020.05.17.313130477) is presently available only for Android users. It is expected that Google will soon roll out the same for iOS and Web users.
Recently, Google announced the addition of a new quick settings menu to its Gmail. When Gmail users will click on the Settings icon, they will see a new dialog box that will include different interfaces, inbox types, and display options parallel to their inbox.
Selecting each interface, inbox type, and display option will show real-time changes in their inbox so they can see how the settings work in real-time. The feature will be made available to all G Suite customers as well as users with personal accounts.


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