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Android Q Beta 3 released with awesome features: Everything you need to know


Every year we get to see Google bringing new android build with a bunch of new features and innovations. On May 7, Tuesday on Google I/O 2019 Google released a yet another version of Android, Android 10 Q Beta 3. The codename for the Latest Android Q has not been released, maybe that Google knows yet but it’s unknown up until now. Google says that Android Q has a tone of cool features.

The main focus for Android Q has been on Innovation, Security & privacy as well as digital well being. This way Google wants to improve and innovate their products keeping the security and privacy of the users as their priority. The Android Q will get a tone of amazing features. Some of them are mentioned below.

Screen continuity


android q

Screen continuity is the key which made the futuristics foldable smartphones possible. Screen continuity help users to enhance their multi-screen experience. It helps users to switch between screens with ease in case of foldable devices. For instance, if you are watching any Youtube video on the smaller screen of a foldable device, you can just unfold your device to view it directly on the larger screen. It is a great feature which kind of increases the overall user experience.

5G Native Support

Google extends its support for 5G on Android Q. 5G will really enhance the user experience of apps and games because of its low latency. Since 5G is going through a lot of testing these days its good to see Android Q natively supporting 5G as many carriers going to launch it soon.

Live Caption on device

In addition to hardware innovations, Google has also done some innovations in terms of software technology by implementing on-device machine learning. They are bringing out a live captions feature on to Android Q. This live caption feature takes audio and instantly turns it into text. It will add captions to the videos you watch on your phone or over the web. But most importantly, the complete transcription feature happens entirely on your device no need to connect to the internet at all.

Dark Theme

android q

Android Q will get a system-wide dark theme which was a much-sought feature of Android and now it is finally available. Dark theme will not only help you to use your device in low light, however, it will also help you save a lot of battery by lighting fewer pixels of your screen.

Smart Reply

As the name suggests, the Smart Reply feature will predict the reply for the messages you receive. This feature will try to give you suggestions for your reply and will tend to save a lot of your time. It will even suggest your actions. Say, if your friend sends you an address, the smart reply features then suggest you open it on Maps so that you can navigate to it. Google says all these has been possible due to On-device learning i.e. ML on phone.

Privacy and Security

In Android Q the privacy setting has been moved to the top of the menu, where you can find Activity Controls, Locations History, Ad Settings and it lets you decide whether you want them to be on or off.

Android Q will give you helpful reminders whenever an app access your location so that its more transparent which app is accessing your location. And it even gives you new location controls with which you can set when an app can access your location, whether it is all time, only while app in use or completely deny at all.

android q

Android Q has a lot of features in terms of security and privacy including Encryption for Low-end devices, MAC address randomizations and many more which are all built into the OS.

Faster Security Updates

In Android Q, Google is making a set of OS modules updatable directly over the air, so that they can be updated individually as soon as they are available and even without a reboot of the device.

Focus mode

In Android Q, we will get to see a new mode called as focus mode which will help you maintain a balance in your life. This mode will really help you to cut down your distractions. You can now disable your apps which distracts you. And once you are out of focus mode then everything will be back and this is how it will help you to stick around to your goals. Focus mode will come to the device running Android P and Q very soon.

Parental Controls

android q

Android Q will get parental controls built right into the settings menu. These parental controls will really help parents to keep track of how much and which apps their kids are spending more time on. It will even get features like App time limit(setting a time limit for any app), set daily time limits, view app time, set bedtime, etc

Apart from these Android Q is going to have a tone of more features including media streaming, better connectivity, and gesture UI and more.

Android Q Beta 3 is now available for 21 devices over 12 OEM’s plus all pixel devices.

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