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TECHTURF is an Information Portal for Tech Enthusiast. We share tech news & information related to various domains including Software, Programming, Security, IT & More. We also share various Tips and Tutorials to help our followers to improve the usage of technology in their life. Here in TECHTURF, We listen to people. So we try to make sure that our followers get everything they need. If something is not present on our site we ask our users to request for it. We will try to bring that thing to them at our earliest.

Through TECHTURF, we want to inform and educate people across various domains. We post information & resources for the newer generation to educate and improve their lives in a simple way. We always try to keep the information to the simplest and updated. We even give the opportunity to our users to share their information in our site and help others. We know everybody doesn’t like reading posts. So to get them covered we created a YouTube Channel.

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Mintu Moni Kurmi


Mintu is an IT Student. He is a passionate programmer. He enjoys music & love helping others.

Jaikishan Sahu


Jaikishan is a BCA student and a tech enthusiast who love to explore and love everything about technology.

Prabir Prasad


Prabir is an IT student. An explorer and always interested in learning new things and sharing with people.

Ayushman Agarwalla


Ayushman is a BCA student and a tech enthusiast. He loves to explore new things in the world of technology.