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5 PUBG Gadgets for Superb Gaming Experience

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Here’s some must have PUBG gadgets for you if you are a PUBG Player. It’s shocking to know how Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), became the biggest gaming hit.  It is a battle royale shooter game that seemingly came out of nowhere and kept the whole world wondering. It dominated both Twitch and Mixer for quite a long time and becoming one of Steam’s all-time best-sellers. PUBG is available on Android and iOS as a free-to-download game. According to an announcement from PUBG Corp., PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds draws more than 87 million players each day across all platforms and 227 million players per month.



Here is the list of 5  PUBG gadgets for enhancing your PUBG Gaming Experience, you are missing out. Buy them now and get yourself a seamless Gaming Experience.


1. Triggers Mobile Game Controller Gamepad – KACOOL Sensitive Shoot and Aim Fire Buttons L1R1 for PUBG / Knives Out / Rules of Survival, Mobile Gaming Joysticks for Android iPhone (2 X Game Triggers+2 X Gamepads Handle): 

PUBG Gadgets

This PUBG Gadget is a mobile game controller which is personally tested – it gives a simulating a game controller experience, convenient control by 4 fingers and accurate operation with the mobile game controller. 

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2. SaleOn™ PUBG Phone Gamepad Metal Trigger Button Aim Key Smart Phone Mobile Games L1R1 Shooter Controller-788: Playing a mobile game with 4 fingers to raise and satisfy your gaming experience. All the mysteries are hidden in this easily portable oval-shaped gaming peripheral. High-Quality Shooting Triggers – Transparent design avoids screen blocking, conductive rubber, and the alloy buttons ensure a speedy and sensitive response, Tobo shooting clips assist your Chicken Dinner.

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3. Game Controller, Gamers Yard GamePad Sensitive L1R1 Shoot and Aim Keys Joysticks Shooter Controller for PUBG/Knives Out/Rules of Survival Gaming Triggers for iOS and Android (Black):


It’s a High Sensitivity& Easy to Use Metal fire/aim button, press and shoot with little force and can solve the problem of insensitivity to fire. The newest sensitive touchpad can be used not only for playing shooting games but also for opening various apps on the phone. Four Fingers can operate simultaneously; you can move/sight/aim/shoot quickly, the winning percentage will be greatly increased.

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4. K3 1 Pair Mobile Game Aiming Key L1R1 Controller Shooter Trigger Fire Button for PUBG Knives Out Rules of Survival Third Generation, Transparent

The mobile game controller supports many video games on android or IOS mobile phones, and the mobile game triggers are perfectly compatible with shooting games, including PUBG, Fornite, Rules of Survival, Knives Out, Survivor Royal, Critical Ops, etc. Long and short metal buttons, 4 finger linkage buttons are more rapid to fire giving you a great experience

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5. Any tech Combo of Smartphone L1R1 Trigger with Mobile Game Handle Grip Controller Physic Mobile Gaming Joysticks for Android/iOS with Cable Protector

This PUBG Gadget works with mobile shooters that allow you to customize interfaces, shoot with your index finger while your thumb is moving, no delays again, makes your gaming more easy and fun. The pair of fire and aim buttons of the mobile gaming triggers with gamepad gives you a real physical joystick for increased precision with touchscreen based games giving you a great experience.

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Thus PUBG being an awesome game gives a great experience. But these PUBG Gadgets will greatly enhance your gaming experience with whatever game you play. Buy them now and see what it feels like. And don’t forget to share your experience with these PUBG gadgets with us.


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