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12 features coming to WhatsApp for Android soon


The Facebook-owned messaging app is one of among various popular social media platforms. WhatsApp is now the world’s second largest social media platform after Facebook with over 1.5 billion active monthly users. Facebook seems to be quite serious about it. They are constantly updating and upgrading the platform by adding new features and functionality to the app. And we know how fast WhatsApp grew after its initial release.

Here, in the post, we have listed a bunch of new features WhatsApp might add to their official Android app. These features are currently in beta testing and very soon it will be released to the public. In case, you are a beta tester you may have noticed some of these features. So let’s find out what new features are gonna come :

1. Dark mode:

WhatsApp’s one of the upcoming features is its dark mode. The dark mode will affect various sections of the app including the status bar, the settings menu and the profile and more. This feature will help people who use WhatsApp in dark or love dark theme. The Beta versions have already started getting the feature via an update.

2. Picture-in-picture 2.0:


PIP mode is another feature to be added to the WhatsApp app. The PIP 2.0 feature allows users to watch videos in PIP mode even when the app happens to be running in the background. It is like an improvement to the previously introduced PIP mode which allows users to watch videos from other platforms like and YouTube and Facebook within the current conversation on the app.

3. Ignore archived chats:

Earlier, when we receive a new message in an archived chat then the archived chats automatically get unarchived. But, Ignore archived chats feature keeps your chats archived even if you receive a new message in that chat. This feature is supposed to be under development and will soon be rolling out to the original WhatsApp app soon.

4. Forwarding info:

This feature allows users to check if the received message is actually written by the user or if it has been forwarded. It also allows checking how many times a received message has been forwarded before. One can check the count in the Message Info section of the app. The feature has been added to most of the beta versions of the app.

5. Payments:

WhatsApp is adding a new UPI based payments feature to their app. With the feature, users will be able to connect their bank accounts with the app and can send and receive payments through WhatsApp directly into their bank accounts. This feature already exists in the beta versions of the app.

6. In-app Browser:

This feature opens the webpages within the app when any user clicks on a link. This feature is really added to improve the security of users. It also alerts the users in case it detects any unsafe links which may contain malicious content. The WhatsApp Beta for Andriod app will get the update soon.


7. New audio picker:

Earlier we could only share a single audio file at a time. The new audio picker tool now allows users to share up to 30 audio files in one go. The new audio picker also allows users to preview the audio file before sharing it. This feature is available in WhatsApp Beta for Android app.

8. Frequently forwarded messages:

This feature helps in determining the frequently forwarded messages by showing a ‘frequently forwarded’ label on top of the message which has been shared more than four times.

9. No frequently forwarded messages in groups:

This feature is like the frequently forwarded messages feature. But this feature has been bought particularly for the groups. It will allow the group admins to select if they want their group members to share frequently forwarded messages in their group. This feature is available on the WhatsApp Beta for Android app.

10. Authentication feature:

This feature let users to natively lock their WhatsApp using the phone’s fingerprint sensor. It was introduced to add a bit of security to the app. Users can now select to lock the app immediately after closing or add a timer like 1 minute, 10 minutes or 30 minutes after to lock the app.

11. Search image feature:

This feature allows users to search for any image on the web that they received in a chat. It helps the user in understanding if the received image fake. Note that the feature is still under development. We can really hope to see it soon.

12. Consecutive voice messages:

This feature will play your consecutive voice messages automatically. Earlier, users had to play each and every received audio message manually. But, with this feature just play the first audio message and then the consecutive audio messages will be played automatically.

It’s worth noting, most of the features listed here are only available on the WhatsApp Beta for Android app. And also some of the features are still under development and there is no timeline by when will these features rolled out to the WhatsApp stable release. But we can really expect to see them soon.


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